TechCrunch 07/04/2012

Dick Figures: Funding A Full-Length Animated Movie On Kickstarter

This will probably be the first time Kickstarter has funded a feature-length animated film
USA Today 06/20/2012

Mondo Media comics channel laughs its way to top of YouTube

Graham Bennett, manager of content partnerships at YouTube, says many younger channels can learn from Mondo's success 6/13/2012

b3ta cofounder's musical tribute to the Internet hits YouTube

Posted on popular animation channel MondoMedia, "Internet Internet," is an ode to the Internet and its rapid evolution.
AdWeek 6/11/2012

Zombie Apocalypse Spreads to new channel Shut Up Cartoons

companies like Mondo Media have amassed impressive YouTube fan bases
LA Times 4/3/2012

'Electric City' to join charge of animated shows onto Internet

Mondo is expanding its animation channel on YouTube by developing 65 original pilots over the next three years. 3/12/2012

Dick Figures, a Hit YouTube Series That References Memes, Video Games and Skrillex

The adventures of Red and Blue are at the center of one of the hottest shows on-line. 10/31/2011

YouTube Gives ‘Happy Tree Friends’ Creator Mondo Media Original Animation Channel

The new channel, New Animators, will focus on Mondo Media’s core audience of teens and young adults 10/28/2011

YouTube Announces TV Initiative With 100 Niche Channels

Mondo Media announced as one of the television-style channels tapped to deliver professionally produced shows