Looking for Distribution?

Do you need more eyeballs watching your amazingly hilarious animated show? We thought so. Here at Mondo, we're always looking for great animated series for our channel, whether you have only a few episodes in the can or a bushel full of shows. We'd love to feast our eyes on any produced content you have that best showcases your series, so if you've got something you think fits our college-guy audience, hit us up!

If you've got something you think fits our college-guy audience, hit us up at distribution@mondomedia.com.

Please note that Mondo Media is not currently accepting submissions and is not soliciting original ideas, scripts, storyboards, or comparable pitch materials. Please do not send such materials to distribution@mondomedia.com. Any such materials received will not be reviewed and will be immediately deleted. Thank you for your understanding.

Mondo is Seeking:

Animated comedy series aimed at college-aged guys (not at the exclusion of women, but guys are primary)

2 to 3 minute length episodes (we think our shows are closer to a 3-panel comic strip than a half-hour TV show)

Generally speaking, we're attracted to laugh-out-loud, character-driven, irreverent comedy

Authentic, original characters you’re passionate about

We also recommend watching
some of our series, which will give
you a rough idea of the types of
shows that we're looking for