Hollywood Reporter 6/26/2013

Cinedigm and Mondo Media Partner to Distribute Animation Aimed at Teens and Young Adults

Cinedigm is teaming up with Mondo Media to help the animation hub aimed at teens and young adults extend its reach beyond YouTube into theaters, VOD, home video and digital outlets.
Variety 06/04/2013

Searching for the Next Breakout Animated Hit

Another forward-thinking group is Mondo Media, which has already made a name for itself with its slate of subversive digital skeins
NewMediaRockstars 04/08/2013

‘Dick Figures’ Creators Talk Kickstarter Success, Farts and Their New Movie

This hit YouTube show has blown the animation door wide open with its recent mind-boggling Kickstarter success, raising over $300 thousand for a full-length “Dick Figures” movie.
NewMediaRockstars 04/02/2013

Mondo Media’s ‘Happy Tree Friends’ Hits 50 Million Views

A “Happy Tree Friends” episode titled “Eyes Cold Lemonade” hit 50 million views.
Tubefilter 02/22/2013

‘Dick Figures’ Begins Spending $313,000 Budget For Silly-Voiced Film

Dick Figures, the popular Mondo Media animated series, has begun its trip to the ‘big screen’
CNN.com 01/30/2013

YouTube to switch on paid-for video

MondoMedia, a group that produces off-beat adult cartoons, was the most popular channel on YouTube last week with 6m views
AdAge 01/09/2013

At Long Last, YouTube Has a New No. 1 Original Channel

Mondo Media Unseats Longtime Champ The Warner Sound
Adweek 12/18/2012

YouTube's Originals, Seven Months After the Newfronts

The top channel, the raunchy MondoMedia, has 1.3 billion views and counting