Wall Street Journal 10/08/2014

Animation Thrives On YouTube But It’s Not For Kids

At the top of the list is MondoMedia, which boasts of nearly 2.4 million subscribers and averages 12.8 million views a month
StreamDaily 10/02/2014

Chasing the YouTube kid demo with Spindo TV

Toy and game manufacturer Spin Master and web animation distributor Mondo Media are calling on producers to submit pitches for animated children’s series
Tubefilter 09/30/2014

Mondo Media Teams With Toy Company To Entertain Kids On YouTube

Mondo has partnered with toy company Spin Master for SpindoTV, an upcoming YouTube channel that will be aimed at children ages 6-11
StreamDaily 06/16/2014

Pre-selling foreign rights and other ways to monetize YouTube content

Mondo Media co-founder John Evershed was asked how his company makes money on the content it produces for YouTube.
Tubefilter 05/30/2014

‘Baman Piderman’ Creators Raise $112,722 On Kickstarter

Forget Batman Vs. Superman. The most unusual superhero mashup out there is coming back.
Boing Boing 05/01/2014

Kickstarting the final five episodes of Baman Piderman

The creators, Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera, are kickstarting $50K (or more) to finish the series
Mashable 04/29/2014

Why Cartoonists Are Flooding YouTube, Risks and All

Dick Figures, an immensely popular adult cartoon web series following the adventures of two stick figures, Red and Blue.
Tubefilter 04/18/2014