Deep Space 69 Has Unleashed The Space Boobs

It's a pretty raunchy, funny series that borrows from some of the most classic science fiction stories throughout history.
NewMediaRockstars 02/11/2014


The show takes a bizarre Korean cartoon and revoices it with the mad glee of Ed Skudder and Zack Keller. So whatever the hell it was before, now it’s really strange.
Tubefilter 02/12/2014

‘Dick Figures’ Team Re-Works Crazy Korean Film For “Streamium” Release

After gaining the blessing of Aachi & Ssipak‘s Korean distributor, Skudder and Keller dubbed over the film and added a throbbing EDM soundtrack courtesy of Mad Decent
Crunchyroll 02/11/2014

Gross-Out Korean Animated Movie "Aachi & Ssipak" Finally Comes to North America

After a festival run and a few more intervening years, the film is finally coming to North America, "reconfigured" by Dick Figures creators Ed Skudder & Zack Keller
Animation Magazine 02/11/2014

‘Dick Figures’ Duo Revamp ‘Aachi & Ssipak’

Cinedigm releases Mondo Media’s English dub of the bizarre animated Korean comedy Aachi & Ssipak, which has been rewritten and re-voiced by Dick Figures creators Ed Skudder and Zack Keller
Twitchfilm 02/08/2014

Mondo Media Is Relaunching Korean Animation AACHI & SSIPAK

Mondo Media will be relaunching the 2006 Korean animated cult film Aachi & Ssipak! The digital launch (YouTube, iTunes and Google Play) is February 11. The DVD launch is March 11
The Epoch Times 01/24/2014

iPhone Game Mysteriously Successful in Mexico

‘Happy Tree Friends Deadeye Derby’ has developers wondering why
Hollywood Reporter 12/17/2013