Mondo Media inserts pre-roll video advertising prior to all its video on the CindyClips syndication network. For more information on CindyClips advertising contact
Mondo Media partners with web sites to place its embeddable CindyClips cartoon player with built in pre-roll advertising and shares the ad revenue with the participating sites. Mondo Media syndicates its player to a broad range of sites including online newspapers, specialty video blogs and special interest sites. For more information on putting animated cartoons on your site(s) contact
Media Licensing
Mondo Media licenses its intellectual property both domestically and overseas in over 30 markets worldwide for television, online, home video and mobile platforms. For US inquiries contact and for foreign rights contact
Merchandise Licensing
Mondo Media has a robust merchandise business around its Happy Tree Friends brand including everything from bed sheets in Berlin to t-shirts in Walmart. Inquiries should be directed to: