Aaron Simpson
VP of Animation and Business Development

Aaron Simpson brings a seasoned understanding of television production and digital animation development, along with a considerable presence within the online animation community. Simpson, an Emmy-nominated TV producer, was a producer on a recent animated pilot for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions titled Gay Robot, intended for broadcast on Comedy Central. Prior to that, Simpson produced over a dozen development shorts for KidsWB! and was a key player in the development of Johnny Test for the 2005-2006 season. Prior to Warner Bros., Simpson was Senior Producer of Original Content at Sony, where he helped architect a forward-thinking entertainment portal, Screenblast. Simpson has also held the position of Vice President, Animation at JibJab Media. Additionally, Simpson is the founder and editor of ColdHardFlash.com and Lineboil.com, two popular animation blogs that consistently unearth and promote new talent and properties. Aaron currently serves as VP of Animation and Business Development at Mondo Media.